AV Clinical

The football season kick-off for two top executives of AV-Clinical has begun with great optimism. As you can see from the photos, both are passionate about their Beltway football team. Wilhelm Commercial Builders tackled this project with great enthusiasm from start to finish. The Wilhelm team converted a vacant shell space into a fully-functional field office for over 31 employees in less than seven weeks. This 6,000 square foot build out included a large conference room for team strategy meetings, open cubicles for “play by play” action, a full scale kitchen for stamina building, stylish restrooms for required time-outs, and a data center room for operational support. Additionally, the mechanical and electrical systems were upgraded to handle both offensive and defensive loads. “The office interiors’ energizing “team” colors and functional design make a great environment for maximum performance,” states Dan Gwaltney, Estimator for Wilhelm Commercial Builders.