Oakcrest Village


Working with the people at Oakcrest has been a unique and valued opportunity.  Recognizing that our craftsmanship is enjoyed by the many residents and visitors gives us a strong sense of pride and appreciation that our work can affect so many lives in a positive way.  Over the past decade, Wilhelm Commercial Builders has completed many projects for Erickson Retirement Communities.  This past year we renovated many areas including the main dining area, lobbies, physical therapy areas, libraries, game room, a hair salon and sitting areas.  The design work completed by Arris A Design Studio created a fun and inviting atmosphere where the residents can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

Several unique design characteristics of the project included: Dismantling an actual bus and reconstructing portions of the bus into a therapy room; capturing the feeling of being outdoors with a simulated sky ceiling or by taking a casual stroll past a clock tower, pole lanterns and forest wall mural and incorporating an abundance of colorful and cheerful building materials throughout each area.