GreenSpace Holdings, LLC

When GreenSpace Holdings, LLC approached Wilhelm Builders with the opportunity to build this unique take on a storage facility, we knew this was a challenge that would give a snapshot into the innovative future of construction. This project consisted of a 144,000 square foot storage facility with its core structure built from 417 – 40’ shipping containers. These containers were retrofitted and strategically placed to create 1,072 storage units varying in size and layout.

Through the creative use of non-traditional construction materials, the facility boasts a deceivingly typical exterior, with an attractive industrial interior, complete with modern day energy efficient conditioned spaces. The project was completed in 9 months and generated an approximate 25% in savings over conventional brick and mortar construction. To date, the project has won numerous awards for its inventive approach and is a direct example of Wilhelm Builders ability to use creative construction means and methods to bring the client’s concept to fruition.